GOP Rep. Chris Collins: ‘I Would Never Vote to Cut Even One Dollar’ from Meals on Wheels

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New York Republican Rep. Chris Collins, who has been an early and staunch Trump supporter, said on Thursday that he believes “Meals on Wheels program is a wonderful program.”

The New York Republican made the statement in response to a question from an elderly woman speaking from her home on ‘The Messy Truth’ hosted by Van Jones.

Jones actually expanded on the question from the woman, who he interviewed at her home, “you got 2.4 million people just like her (referring to the audience member), she can’t get down those stairs. She hasn’t been down those stairs in seven years — sick and shut in — you know what that means, you’re a person of faith. And you got people who are everyday climbing those stairs helping those people. You want to take 30 percent of their money away from them. How can you justify that?”

The CNN host was making reference to something that has become a hot button issue. Specifically, the White House, in its budget proposal to Congress which was released on Thursday, has proposed to defund the program in order to pay for large boosts to the military and Homeland Security budgets.

Collins’ response was somewhat of a surprise to the audience and to Jones, as well. He started his response by saying that he was “not going to try to justify” the proposal, adding “cause that’s not my plan.”

“What you have right now is a top line blueprint from President Trump and his advisers. It’s not the Congressional budget.”

He added “I do disagree” with the Trump proposal, launching into his personal story regarding his mother in law who was dependent on the Meals on Wheels program. “My mother in law prior to her passing on, she had Meals on Wheels at her apartment, five days a week … and it was her way to know she was safe — she lived alone.”

He also spoke about dispensing his duties as a county executive where he would go to the senior centers where they would dispatch the meals.

He concluded by saying that “Meals on Wheels is a wonderful program. It is one I would never vote to cut even one dollars.”

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