Chris Wallace Presses Lewandowski: ‘How Many Jobs’ has Trump Created by Attacking the Press?

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On Sunday, Fox News’ Chris Wallace pressed Trump surrogate Corey Lewandowski on President Trump’s relationship with the media.

During the segment, Wallace pointed out that attacks on the press do not help to further his legislative agenda.

“The reason we invited you one in the first place, I want to talk about the Trump agenda with you. These last couple of weeks of Mr. Trump’s first days in office have been dominated by attacks on the media and the intelligence community,” Wallace said.

“Do all of these attacks on the media and intelligence and opponents, does that get in the way of [Donald Trummp’s agenda]?”

Continuing to support the President’s claims, Lewandowski argued that reports about Trump “were 100 percent factually inaccurate.”

However, Wallace continued to press him, asking, “Why not just pursue his agenda?”

He continued,

“He may be right on that or he may be wrong, but how many jobs does that create?”

Lewandowski’s defense of Trump included claiming that the President is forced to attack the media because “they have their own agenda and this is the first president in a lifetime that has the ability to fight back through his almost 100 million people who follow him through the various mediums on social media.”

Watch the clip, courtesy of Raw Story, here:


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