Chris Wallace Issues Warning on ‘Fox & Friends’: Trump ‘Crossed a Line’ Attacking Press

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On Sunday, Fox News’ Chris Wallace claimed that U.S. President Donald Trump had “crossed a line” when he called the press “the enemy of the American people.”

Trump took to Twitter on Friday to attack members of the media, saying:

This is not the first time that the President has publicly attacked these media outlets. All of the aforementioned news sources have reported on scandals and controversies involving Mr. Trump, leading the President to wage what seems to be an all out war on the press, excluding Fox News and Breitbart.

During Sunday’s edition of “Fox & Friends,” Wallace reminded the hosts that the founding fathers of this country believed in the power of a free press. In fact, they believed that a free press was a necessary component of a functioning democracy.

Wallace explained, “When he said the fake news media is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American people, I believe that crosses an important line.”

The Fox host later agreed with Arizona Senator John McCain. McCain recently shed light on the fact that shutting down a free press is “how dictators get started.”

Wallace continued,

“It’s a check on power, and he was saying that in dictatorships, there’s state-run media and there’s no opportunity for a free independent press. So, I think he’s exactly right there.”

Fox News host Pete Hegseth chimed in to come to President Trump’s defense, saying:

“When our founders were there, there were partisan press,” Hegseth declared. “Papers were Republican or Democrat or Federalist and it was open about it. [Trump] is saying, they tell you they’re unbiased, but I know they’re biased because I see the fake news. It’s not about the independence of the press, it’s about the bias of the press.”

Wallace was quick to respond,

“If he had said that, you wouldn’t have heard a peep out of me. Lord knows, Barack Obama criticized Fox News. If Donald Trump wants to criticize The New York Times, that’s fine. But it’s different from saying we are an enemy of the American people. That’s a different thing.”

He continued,

“And I know there are a lot of [Fox News] listeners out there who are going to reflexively take Donald Trump’s side on this. It’s a different thing when it’s a president because if it’s a president you like trying to talk about the press being the enemy of the people, then it’s going to be a president you don’t like saying the same thing. And that’s very dangerous.”

Watch the clip via Raw Story here:

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