Conservative Media Comments on Trumpcare and It’s not a Good Thing

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The House GOP plan to repeal and replace Obamacare is already facing an uphill battle within the Republican caucus, and its supporters are not getting a lot of help from outside conservative groups and conservative media.

In fact, less than a day after its unveiling, four major outside conservative groups have blasted the effort going so far as threatening to mobilize against Republicans who vote for the bill.

Major conservative media figures have come out aggressively against the so-called American Health Care Act.

Conservative commentators from the likes of Laura Ingraham to the Drudge Report are signaling that they will serve as strong opposition for any healthcare legislation along the lines of what has been proposed. This, despite the fact that President Trump, who they strongly support, has tweeted calling it “wonderful” and in a meeting with almost two dozen House Republicans at the White House on Tuesday, has endorsed it, saying that he is “proud to support the replacement plan,” adding that “I think it’s going to go very quickly.”

Radio host Laura Ingraham, who at one point was reportedly in talks to join the administration, voiced her displeasure with the plan calling it “Obamacare 2.0.”

Fox News’s Eric Bolling, who was also reportedly in talks to join Trump’s administration, was particularly harsh in an appearance on the network’s show ‘Outnumbered.’ “For me, for anyone who is a conservative, especially someone who is a constitutional conservative, the bill is DOA,” Bolling said, adding “They need to fix it.”

Even the outfit that Steven Bannon ran before joining Trump’s campaign ran a scathing article titled: “Obamacare 2.0 Guts Enforcement, Gives Illegal Aliens Health Care Through Identity Fraud.”

Conservative radio host Mark Levin, one of the potential sources of Trump’s claim that Obama bugged Trump Tower, blasted the legislation, dubbing it RINOCARE, using the acronym RINO which stands for Republicans in name only.

Levin tweeted a story by former Breitbart columnist Ben Shapiro who also has been extremely critical of the bill. “Instead of repealing Obamacare, they now plan to trim around the edges,” Shapiro said.

“Their new Obamacare plan isn’t an attempt to shift America away from government-run healthcare. It’s an attempt to re-enshrine government as the center of the health care system, with a slightly rejiggered vision of its role. The plan isn’t likely to lower costs, promote competition, or curb moral hazard,” he added. “It’s not good.”

And the Drudge Report ran a story with the headline “The Return of Rand Paul,” which is also a very bad sign for supporters of the bill. The headline links to a story by Washington Examiner about the Senator’s opposition to the Obamacare replacement.

The Drudge Report’s endorsement is particularly important for Republicans as it gets some 1.5 billion page views per month, which is among the highest of any news site on the web, including many of the top mainstream sites such as ABC News and Fox.

While the site has not officially taken a position, the photo of Rand Paul close to the top of its homepage along with a link to the story appears to be an indication of where Drudge stands.

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