Dem Senator Slams Fellow Dems Silent on Trump’s Refugee Ban

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Dem Senator re Trump's Foreign Policy Pivots: 'That's How Wars Start' - CitizenSlant

Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Murphy has been one of the most outspoken voices on President Trump’s various executive actions on immigrants, slammed his own colleagues on Saturday.

Murphy condemned all those who are not speaking up in opposition of Trump’s new policy that will ban Syrian refugees, among others.

“To my colleagues: don’t ever again lecture me on American moral leadership if you chose to be silent today,” Murphy tweeted alongside the famous photo of Alan Kurdi, the 3 year old Syrian boy who drowned while fleeing with his family.

Earlier on Friday, Murphy blasted the policy in an op-ed for the Huffington Post. “Trump has now handed ISIS a path to rebirth,” he said in the piece.

“They can and will use his announcement today as confirmation that America is at war with Muslims, especially those Muslims living in desperate circumstances.”

“Their recruitment bulletin boards will light up with new material. Their entreaties to would-be lone wolf attackers in America will have new energy and purpose,” he added. “All the work we have done to cut down on extremist recruitment at home and abroad now goes out the window. It’s a new day for terrorist recruiters.”

“Donald Trump’s long-awaited Muslim ban became a reality today,” he said. “True, the ban doesn’t cover every Muslim globally, just a set of Muslims from countries Trump perceives, rather arbitrarily, to be dangerous.”

“Trump’s Muslim ban is a moral abomination. It is fundamentally un-American. And it is dangerous — it will give life back to the terrorist movement and eventually get Americans killed,” Murphy continued.

Trump’s order indefinitely bans Syrian refugees from coming to the U.S., and puts a 10 day halt on the refugee program at large.

It also temporarily suspends U.S. entry from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen. The order even covers those who have green cards or have dual citizenship — meaning that they are both a citizen of the United States and of one of the seven enumerated countries.

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