Despite His Claims, Trump’s Approval Rating Continues to Plummet

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Donald Trump entered the White House with the worst approval rating of any incoming president in the history of polls, and his ratings have only dropped from there.

The fresh Pew Research Center poll released on Thursday shows that Trump is at another historic low compared with his predecessors, after having set an astounding record for the fastest to be “underwater” — meaning that reaching a majority unfavorable rating.

The Pew poll found that 39 percent approve of his job performance which 56 percent disapprove.

President Barack Obama’s approval rating was at 64 percent at the same point in his first term in 2009. Even President George W. Bush had a 53 percent approval rating at this point in his presidency. And George H.W. Bush had a 63 percent approval rating, while Bill Clinton was at 56 percent in February during their first terms in office — the elder Bush, of course, only served for one term.

Ronald Reagan, someone Trump tries hard to compare himself with at times, could not serve as a challenger to Trump’s unpopularity either. Reagan had a 55 percent approval rating in February, 1981.

As is expected, the poll found sharp polarization on Trump’s performance. Seventy five percent of those polled fall on extremes of the spectrum — they either strongly approve or strongly disapprove of the President.

The poll was conducted among 1,503 adults between February 7 and 12.

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