DNC Chair Tom Perez: Trump’s Speech was “Bannon on Steroids with a Smile”

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New chairman of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez slammed Trump for his speech to Congress, saying it was “Bannon on steroids with a smile.”

Perez claimed on MSNBC just after Trump’s speech that the address was simply a veiled version of the views held by White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. The newly-elected DNC chair said that the President’s joint address to Congress did not shift his views at all of the Trump administration.

“It started out with alternative facts, ‘I inherited a mess from Barack Obama.’ No, Obama inherited the Great Recession.”

Perez also slighted Trump for “taking credit for things you had nothing to do with,” including the decision of several American companies to keep jobs within America, instead of taking them overseas.

Although Perez defeated his opponent Rep. Keith Ellison for DNC chair, he did decide to appoint the Minnesota Democrat as his deputy chair. Ellison appeared with him during the MSNBC interview and noted that protects and activism are re-energizing the Democratic party.

“I’d say there’s a new spirit. It’s a good time to get re-involved with the Democratic Party.”

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