WATCH: Former CIA Director Tries Not to Laugh at Trump Officials Accusing British of Wiretapping

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Former CIA Director Michael Hayden tried not to laugh when he was prompted to discuss the validity of U.S. President Donald Trump’s wiretapping claims in an appearance on MSNBC.

MSNBC host Michael Smerconish pressed the ex-CIA Director about whether or not it’s even possible, as many GOP lawmakers have suggested, that the President “off-shored” wiretapping to the U.K.’s version of the NSA.

Hayden smiled and fought back laughter before beginning to explain how these services work.

He began,

“I’m sorry, I’m trying to suppress a laugh here. That is so far from reality, so far from the relationship we have within the ‘Five Eyes’ community.”

Hayden continued,

“Look, we’re really close. It is an integrated operation, but one absolute rule is that no one can ask partners to do that which is illegal for himself, or that which is illegal for the partner. And that’s never been done in the ‘Five Eyes’ alliance.”

The former CIA Director was also quick to shoot down another question from Smerconish regarding whether or not the NSA had ever received a similar request from another country.

He bluntly stated, “that is way up there in seriousness. I’m telling you we can’t do anything for an ally that the ally itself isn’t allowed to do. You can’t export or off-shore these requirements because your law prevents you from doing them.”

Watch the clip here:


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