FBI Continues Investigating ‘Odd’ Computer Link Between Trump Organization and Russian Bank

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The FBI and computer scientists are continuing to investigate whether a computer server at the Trump Organization had a connection to a Russian bank.

The investigation stems back to last summer with questions which were largely dismissed in November. However, the Bureau has continued to look into possible links, according to a report from CNN.

The FBI’s counterintelligence team, which is the same team currently examining whether Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election, is reportedly handing the investigation.

The server originally came into question last summer after internet data from a computer server owned by the Moscow-based Alfa Bank — the largest private bank in Russia — searched for the contact information of a server owned by the Trump Organization.

The number of internet searches exceeded other companies, with the Russian Bank accounting for 80 percent of the Trump server look-ups, according to the report. One government official said that investigators find the server connection to be “odd.” However, they have not determined if a connection would be significant.

The server resurfaced this weekend in an article by Breitbart that a While House official speaking to CNN says sparked the President’s tweet storm accusing former President Obama of having Trump’s “wires tapped” at Trump Tower.

CNN also reports that no Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant has been issued for the subject computer server.

It is also not clear whether the Trump Organization server did any operation or communication in return. There is also no evidence produced so far that the servers actually communicated.

According to CNN, about a dozen computer researchers at a recent business conference in D.C. were intrigued by the subject. The conference draws the world’s top network operators, the people who help run the internet. The group found the issue a strange coincidence which should be further scrutinized.

Richard Clayton of Cambridge University, a computer researcher, said that the activity is plain weird.

“It’s not so much a smoking gun as a faint whiff of smoke a long way away. Maybe there’s something else going on. It’s hard to tell,” he said after examining the minimal evidence so far available.

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