Fox News Shep Smith has Finally had Enough: ‘It’s Too Much Lying, and Too Much Smoke!’

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On Thursday, Fox News’ Shep Smith lost it over reports that former National Security Adviser to President Donald Trump Michael Flynn registered, retroactively, as a foreign agent working for the Turkish government.

Smith noted that Flynn was the same individual that “lied to the Vice President about his conversation with Russian leaders, and was forced to resign after 24 days on the job,” and that Flynn helped “the Turkish leader as a lobbyist during the U.S. presidential campaign.”

Flynn reportedly earned $530,000 for his work.

During the Fox segment, Smith played footage of the former National Security Adviser “on the campaign trail with Donald Trump complaining about pay-for-play, as he was paid to play by a businessman that supported the Turkish leader who’s voting base is Islamic voters.”

Smith explained, “There’s been a lot of lying. There’s been lying about who you talked to—and, by lots of people—and almost inevitable and invariably, they were lying about talking to the Russians about something.”

He continued,

“It’s too much lying, and too much Russia, and too much smoke!”

Watch the clip here:

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