Trump Attacked Ghazala Khan for not Speaking; Then She Spoke

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Ghazala Khan; Donald Trump. (Toni L. Sandys/Post; AP)

Khizr Khan and his wife, Ghazala Khan, took to the stage at the Democratic National Convention to talk about their son, Army Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan who was killed in Iraq in 2004. The Khans are Muslim Americans and Khizr Khan made sure to address Donald Trump’s misguided views about Muslims head on.

In his speech, Mr. Khan stated that Trump had not sacrificed anything, while his son had paid the ultimate price for America. Khan’s speech was moving, to say the least. It was one of the shortest and least scripted speeches of either convention. Furthermore, Mr. Khan had not written down his remarks, yet still managed to deliver one of the most stinging rebukes of Donald Trump of any speaker at the DNC.

Needless to say, Mr. Trump was not very impressed. In fact, he responded to Khan’s speech directly.

Mr. Trump claimed that he had sacrificed plenty because he had employed “thousands and thousands of people.” He also claimed that Mr. Khan’s wife did not speak because she was prohibited from speaking because of her Muslim faith.

“I’d like to hear his wife say something,” Trump told The New York Times.

“If you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say. She probably, maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say. You tell me,” he said in an interview with ABC on Saturday.

Ghazala Khan spoke with MSNBC on Friday regarding the conventon speech. She explained that she struggled to keep her composure on stage because she is still grieving the loss of her son.

“[I] was very nervous, because I cannot see my son’s picture, I cannot even come in the room where his pictures are.”

Mr. and Mrs. Khan both spoke at length about Donald Trump’s off the cuff and offensive reaction to the DNC speech, but more specifically his comments about Ghazala Khan.

Mr. Khan explained that Trump “has no decency.”

Mr. Khan told ABC News,

“Running for president is not an entitlement to disrespect Gold Star families and [a] Gold Star mother not realizing her pain. Shame on him! Shame on his family.”

A visibly shaken Mrs. Khan stated,

“Sacrifice, I don’t think he knows the meaning of sacrifice… Because when I was standing there, all America felt my pain. Without saying a single word. Everybody felt that pain… I am very upset when I heard when he said that I didn’t say anything. I was in pain… If you were in pain you fight or you don’t say anything, I’m not a fighter, I can’t fight. So the best thing I do was quiet.”

Directly addressing Donald Trump’s ludicrous claim that she was not allowed to speak because of her religion, Mrs. Khan exclaimed,

“I don’t know what type of Islam he has read or heard… I’m so sorry about that, that he has not had any idea what the Islam is.”

While Donald Trump released a statement praising the Khan’s son, he still managed to make it about himself – claiming that Mr. Khan was out of line in asking if Trump had ever read the United States Constitution during his speech.

The statement reads:

“Captain Humayun Khan was a hero to our country and we should honor all who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe. The real problem here are the radical Islamic terrorists who killed him, and the efforts of these radicals to enter our country to do us further harm.

Given the state of the world today, we have to know everything about those looking to enter our country, and given the state of chaos in some of these countries, that is impossible. While I feel deeply for the loss of his son, Mr. Khan who has never met me, has no right to stand in front of millions of people and claim I have never read the Constitution, (which is false) and say many other inaccurate things. If I become President, I will make America safe again.”

Trump’s statement about Army Capt. Humayun Khan is offensive, to say the least. In what seems to be a desperate attempt to backtrack on the mess he made in his ridiculous response to Khizr Khan’s speech, he fails to address his deplorable comments about Ghazala Khan and Islam. Furthermore, just as Trump does with everything else, he made it about himself.

Needless to say, Ghazala Khan’s response to Donald Trump’s bigotry is, not only eloquent, but a direct jab at Trump’s assumption that her religion prohibits her from speaking.



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