GOP Suddenly Loves Jobs Report… After 77 Months of Bashing it

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Throughout former President Barack Obama’s presidency, the GOP was critical of reports of the jobs report. However, they have taken a decidedly different tone now that the Republican President Donald Trump is in office.

Friday’s jobs report showed that the United States economy added a total of 235,000 jobs in February and the also showed the unemployment rate as being 4.7 percent. While both of these facts signal that the economy is moving in the right direction, they certainly do not exist in a vacuum.

In fact, there have been 77 consecutive months of job growth. However, when reports of this job growth were released under the Obama administrations, Republicans seemed to always find ways to undermine them by pointing to certain slow areas or suggesting that the reported numbers were otherwise inaccurate.

The Present himself has a long history of claiming that the unemployment rate released in the jobs report is inaccurate and likely much higher. In 2015, he claimed that, despite the statistics reported, the unemployment rate could be as high as 42 percent.

He has also argued that the unemployment rate is misleading because it does not include Americans that have stopped searching for work altogether. Unfortunate for the President, even if you do include these people, the number still doesn’t reach what Trump purported.

It seems that all uncertainty about the unemployment rate and job growth has been thrown out the window now that Trump is in office. On Friday, both White House staff and Republicans were quick to tout the reports of growth under President Trump.

As the Huffington Post reports, Elise Gould, an economist at the Economic Policy Institute, noted that it’s critical to keep the jobs report in context. In a statement, she explained,

“Friday’s jobs report, which showed the economy adding 235,000 jobs in February, is notable for being the first BLS report of the Trump administration. It may be tempting for today’s policymakers to claim credit for this solid employment growth, but credit is only truly deserved when the economy grows faster than expected. It’s important to remember that President Trump inherited an economy that was already making steady progress towards full employment.”

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