GOP Senator: Trumpcare May Not Have the Votes to Pass

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Less than a day after House GOP members released their plan for repealing and replacing Obamacare, a top Senate Republican is saying that the legislation may not have the votes to pass the Senate.

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, a member of the House leadership, spoke out on the proposed legislation on Tuesday. “What I don’t like is, it may not be a plan that gets a majority votes and let’s us move on. Because, we can’t stay where we are with the plan we’ve got now,” the Senator said on KMBZ.

Blunt, a former whip responsible for counting votes in Congress, said that the final plan would need to be negotiated.

“I think the nucleus of the plan is clearly there, and the president says it’s negotiable and so do House members. So, I’ll be interested to be a part of that negotiation as we work toward a majority in the House and Senate that puts a bill on the President’s desk,” the Missouri Republican said.

Late on Monday, House Republicans unveiled their long awaited legislation to repeal key portions of Obamacare, including the law’s expansion of Medicaid for the poor and its subsidies to help people buy coverage, along with it mandates for people to have insurance.

Also unveiled was a second piece of legislation to replace the law which is a new system centered on tax credit to help people buy insurance coverage. You can read the two bills here and here.

Even the House of Representatives, the conservative wing of the party, the House Freedom Caucus, has called the bill’s tax credit a “new entitlement.” That caucus has enough votes to kill the bill. However, it is not clear that they will actually vote against it.

The President tweeted on Tuesday morning promising that the bill will be improved in “Phase 2 & 3” drawing wide public outcry from citizens concerned about losing their healthcare or being forced to pay even higher prices.

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