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Ivanka Trump Just Got Hit with a Tax Lien in New York

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Ivanka Trump Shoes - CitizenSlant

February does not seem to be Ivanka Trump’s month. Just in the past few weeks alone, retailers have dropped her fashion lines after poor sales and she has been hit with a lien after failing to pay back taxes owed by her high end jewelry store in New York.

As the Daily Mail reports, Trump owes upwards of $5,000 in taxes for Trump Fine Jewelry — the President’s daughter’s jewelry store located in Trump Tower. The shop is reportedly officially listed as Madison Avenue Diamonds LLC and sells pieces ranging from $1,000 to $20,000.

This is not the first scandal to hit Ivanka this year. Her brands have taken a major hit earlier February after several major department stores chose to drop her fashion lines, citing poor sales as the reason. This is not something that the Trump family has taken lightly. In fact, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to explain how he feels his daughter was treated “unfairly” by high fashion retailer Nordstrom.

Ivanka has been said to have stepped away from her businesses in order to assume her role as adviser to her father in the White House. However, she is still listed in business filings and being the Chief Executive Officer of her companies in Florida and New York.

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