Tapper Slams Trump for ‘Not so Unifying’ Joint Address to Congress

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Jake Tapper - CitizenSlant

Staunch Trump critic CNN host Jake Tapper slammed the President for his “not so unifying” joint address to Congress, which harbored an unwelcoming “nationalistic undercurrent.”

Tapper explained,

“It was a much more subdued President Trump. He stuck for the most part — 95 percent — to the teleprompter and the words that had been written for him, with him, by his speechwriters. It was a speech in which he was clearly trying to reset in a lot of ways.”

The CNN host was overtly critical of Trump’s invocation of nationalistic rhetoric — something that he claims is actually divisive in this sense. He noted that some Democrats will have a difficult time with Trump’s call for unity once they look past “the wrapping in which he presented the policy.”

“There is a clear America-first, nationalistic undercurrent to a lot of the things he talked about. He talked about a total revamp of our immigration system. Shifting from one taking in refugees to have a more self-interested immigration policy, one based on bringing in people of higher skill.”

Tapper also seemed to be deeply troubled by the President’s call for a special Department of Homeland Security office for individuals that are victims of attacks carried out by undocumented immigrants.

“His tone might have been one thing, but a lot of people in that chamber, Democrats especially but also some moderate Republicans, are going to find issues there that’s not so unifying.”

Watch the clip here, courtesy of Raw Story:

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