Judge Cites Trump Allies’ Own Words in Shutting Down His Travel Ban

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A federal judge in Hawaii pointed to comments from some of President Trump’s close advisers in ruling to block his new revised travel ban.

When it was first announced, its opponents declared that the new travel ban is the same discriminatory practice dressed up in less aggressive language.

Judge Derrick Watson agreed with them, noting that senior adviser Stephen Miller in an interview on Fox News’s “The First 100 Days” that the White House’s new order which at that time still not issued, was going to be fundamentally the same order. In fact, he emphasized the fact that it will only include “minor technical differences.”

“Fundamentally, you’re still going to have the same basic policy outcome for the country, but you’re going to be responsive to a lot of very technical issues that were brought up by the court.”

Watson also ruled that there is nothing “secret about the motive of Trump’s executive order” going on to quote one of Trump’s closest allies Rudy Giuliani, who said on Fox News that Trump had originally called it a “Muslim ban,” and asked Giuliani to try to craft it so that it could meet legal muster.

“He called me up. He said, ‘Put a commission together. Show me the right way to do it legally,” Giuliani said in the interview.

“These plainly-worded statements, made in the months leading up to and contemporaneous with the signing of the Executive Order, and, in many cases, made by the Executive himself, betray the Executive Order’s stated secular purpose,” Watson said in his ruling.

The ruling comes after a hearing on Wednesday. Watson, an Obama appointee, ruled that the State of Hawaii and a Muslim leader easily met the legal standard that they needed to meet — that they had a “strong” likelihood to succeed in their lawsuit against the new ban.

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