MUST SEE: Kayleigh McEnany Completely Struck Down in CNN Transgender Panel

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On Thursday, a heated panel discussion on transgender rights took place on CNN and Kayleigh McEnany was stopped dead in her tracks by Christine Quinn.

Following McEnany’s claim that she was concerned about “sexual predators” taking advantage of rules that allow transgender students to use the bathroom corresponding with their gender identity, Quinn pulled no punches in her response.

Quinn explained that McEnany’s reasoning was just a cheap excuse to repeal a policy that has helped transgender teens feel more accepted in their schools.

“People who are rapists and sexual predators take care of any loophole at any moment they can.They will tragically track children on the street, come up behind women on the street. This is not about sexual predators — it is about equality for transgender students.”

She later went on to highlight the flaw in McEnany’s “states rights” argument, showcasing the fact that it is simply “what people who are attempting to discriminate fall back on.”

Watch the segment here:

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