Keith Olbermann Lists All the Reasons that President Trump ‘Must Go’

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In a new segment of “Resistance,” Keith Olbermann began by saying, “he must go,” then went on to list all of the reasons why.

Although Olbermann didn’t actually refer to President Donald Trump by name in the entire segment, he reiterated the fact that ‘he’ must go.

Some of Olbermann’s reasons included that he clearly does not believe in democracy, as well as the fact that he believes “Republican congressman are only obligated to represent Republican constituents.”

“He must go because not only do his actions simplify the task of known terrorist organizations, but in many cases his actions also qualify as a form of emotional terrorism. He must go because he burns with seeming hatred towards people of color.”

“He must go because he has chosen to make his job not about serving the people of this nation, but about hearing applause and about being re-elected.”

“He must go because he called the media the ‘enemy of the people’ … and he must go because his next ‘enemy of the people’ could be you.”

Watch the clip here:


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