Lewandowski Rides Trump Wiretapping Claims, Accuses Obama of Spying on Sessions in Senate Office

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Former presidential campaign manager for Donald Trump Corey Lewandowski accused the Obama administration of wiretapping Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ senate office during an appearance on Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

Lewandowski effectively piggy-backed off of the President’s recent claims that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower prior to the November election.

Similar to Trump, Lewandowski was quick to make accusations, but also failed to provide any evidence to substantiate his claims.

The lobbyist told host Jeanine Pirro,

“They did spend time listening to conversations between then-Senator Jeff Sessions and the ambassador to Russia while he was in his Senate office. If that were to take place — which supposedly did take place — what other conversations did they listen in on from the American public?”

Lewandowski added,

“Is it possible that that previous administration was listening to the conversations that took place in Trump Tower from their political opponents? If that is the case, and what Donald Trump alludes to is accurate, then that’s very, very disturbing for our future going forward.”

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