WATCH: Maddow Completely Lays Out Timeline of Trump-Russia Ties

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On Wednesday, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow laid out the ways in which the pieces are coming together as the American people are discovering Trump’s ties to Russia throughout the 2016 election.

During her show, the MSNBC host discussed a Politico report that was released on Wednesday that authorities had investigated Kilimnik, an associate of Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign chairman, over his ties to Russian intelligence.

Maddow went on to explain that law enforcement authorities are “looking into a Russian citizen in conjunction with one of the incidents on the Trump campaign last year which defied explanation at the time.”

The incident in question? Maddow claims that it is when the Trump campaign’s decision to completely change the GOP party platform and instead encourage a hardline approach against Russia.

Maddow explained, “this was one of the first direct signs that something strange was up.” Going on to state that this was the first time that, although this platform change may have seemed “weird at the time,” we recently learned that the change was actually made “specifically at Donald Trump’s request.”

The conversation wouldn’t be complete, however, without mention of the infamous Trump dossier — a 35-page document that was released on Jan. 11. The dossier alleged misconduct and asserted that there were direct ties between President Trump and the government of Russia. As a means of putting the pieces of the puzzle together, Maddow asserted that the dossier needed to be discussed because “baseline allegations of [it] actually appears to be about that platform change.”

Maddow later concluded,

“Everyday a new piece of it falls into place. All the supporting details are checking out.”

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