Marco Rubio on Trump Claims: ‘I’m Not Sure What He’s Talking About’

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On Sunday, Sen. Marco Rubio was asked about Trump’s recent claims that Barack Obama ordered the phones in Trump Tower to be wiretapped prior to the November election, to which he responded, “I’m not sure what he’s talking about.”

He also said during an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper that whether or not the President’s assertions are true will become clear “very quickly.”

While he openly stated he’s not sure where the President’s claims originate, he did say, “I imagine we’re going to learn more about it here over the next few days, one way or the other.”

“I’m not sure what it is he is talking about. Perhaps the President has information that is not yet available to us or to the public. And if it’s true, obviously we’re going to find out very quickly. And if it isn’t, then obviously he’ll have to explain what he meant by it.”

When prompted as to whether or not the FBI should resolve the matter, Rubio said that’s a “difficult thing.” In a way, he’s right, considering the fact that the FBI does not usually even acknowledge when an investigation is in progress.

He then tried to provide a more unifying message, saying,

“But what I think we should do is, everybody needs to take a deep breath and calm down here and let’s go through this as what we are doing. In the Senate Intelligence Committee, we are working in a bipartisan way to collect facts that involve reviewing classified and sometimes unclassified and open-source information.”

He continued, “we will issue a report to the Senate that will be available to the American people, and then people can form judgments on the basis of the collection of facts. That is what we are undertaking. I remain confident that the Senate Intelligence Committee is going to produce a document built on the facts that will allow people to reach judgments based on the facts. And that’s what we should be doing in something like this.”

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