Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski: Wiretap Scandal is ‘Vintage Trump’

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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” slammed U.S. President Donald Trump after he tried to backpedal on his bogus wiretapping accusations when no one was able to supply evidence to support them.

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Trump explained that he would submit evidence of his assertions “very soon.” However, he also claimed that his definition of wiretapping is expansive and “covers a lot of things.”

During the panel, “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski explained,“this is how he makes decisions, how he wants to level something out, and this is how he plays it out. When Americans are considering their health care and other things pertaining to them, this president — you have to look at how this president works and try and translate how that actually will impact your life, like the health care bill. How will it actually impact your life, and whether or not you really want that. Very hard to understand exactly what he is saying. Aside from accusing him of lying, this is how he operates, this type of editing and moving around in circles and kind of slipping around things, instead of saying, ‘I don’t have the evidence on this, I was wrong, I read an article, the article was wrong.’”

One panelist, MSNBC’s Willie Geist, completely demolished the President’s claim that wiretapping could mean anything other than what it actually does refer to simply because he put the term in quotes in one of this tweets. Another panelist, BBC’s Katty Kay, noted that the White House also misrepresented the very news reports that they used as evidence.

She explained,“they quoted the BBC on this, too, and what the BBC reporting (is) there were two Russian banks that were being surveilled. It is possible in the context they may have had conversations with the associates of the Trump campaign. That is totally different from saying that President Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower.”

MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle also explained that the situation was important, regardless of how ridiculous we may feel it is, because “everything a president says is important, but we have got to stop acting so surprised at his behavior. This is his pattern for his entire professional life, since he began as a developer in New York with the phrases, the spin, the misdirection.”

He continued, “what he is doing is damage to his own presidency, because the main ball game here is health care, and by keeping the light on this problem, he has taken it off of health care.”

The “Morning Joe” co-host then accused Trump of trying to defame former President Barack Obama and continued to say that no one should be surprised by his behavior.

In the end, however, Brzezinski concluded,

“This is vintage Trump. I’m not surprised he released two pages of his best year of his tax returns, and then set up the media. I mean, we have to look at his patterns — they are all coming to bear. He’s not pivoting or changing or stepping up in any way.”

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