Obama’s Press Secretary Schools Spicer Over Claim that Wiretapping Evidence is Above his ‘Pay Grade’

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White House press secretary under former President Barack Obama schooled Sean Spicer over his claim that evidence to substantiate Trump’s wiretapping claims are “above [his] pay grade.”

On Tuesday, during his first press conference of March, Spicer claimed that he did not have the authority to provide evidence to support President Trump’s accusations. Trump had previously taken to Twitter to claim that Obama wiretapped the phones at Trump Tower before the November election.

When prompted, Spicer told a reporter, “No, that’s above my pay grade.”

Shortly thereafter, Carney took to Twitter to point out the flaw in Spicer’s claim. He explained that Spicer, in fact, had the same security clearance as top White House officials. If the information existed, according to Carney, it would be able to be disclosed to him.

Carney tweeted,

“Actually, his ‘pay grade’ is the highest possible at WH – same as for chief of staff, national security and other senior personnel.”

Trump’s wiretapping allegations did not go over as well as he had planned. As the New York Times reports, “Mr. Trump, advisers said, was in high spirits after he fired off the posts, but by midafternoon, after returning from golf, he appeared to realize he had gone too far, although he still believed Mr. Obama had wiretapped him, according to two people in Mr. Trump’s orbit.”

Since Trump’s tweet storm, officials at the White House have struggled to contain the mess that resulted They have been almost completely unable to explain where the President garnered this information and the President has actually asked Congress to find the proof…. that he has already claimed to have.

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