Did Preet Bharara Just Disclose His Office Was Investigating President Trump?

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Just a day after the Trump administration fired him, one of the highest profile federal prosecutors in the nation in a veiled tweet may have disclosed that he was indeed investigating Donald Trump at the time he was fired.

The tweet, which came just before noon on Sunday, referenced a shuttered New York corruption panel, the Moreland Commission.

“By the way, now I know what the Moreland Commission must have felt like,” the now former prosecutor tweeted.

That simple tweet may be a very significant revelation by Bharara, specifically that he has been investigating the President of the United States. Not only that, it also suggests that his firing was a politically motivated move meant to put a halt to the investigation.

The Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption was a panel set up with great fanfare in July 2013 by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in order to address public corruption in the state’s politics. In just two months, its investigation into campaign finance violations issued a subpoena to a media purchasing firm which had placed millions of dollars of ads for New York State Democratic Party.

The firm, Buying Time, was also used by Cuomo, himself, when he originally ran for governor in 2010.

When word of the subpoena reached Lawrence Schwartz, Cuomo’s most senior aide, he reportedly called one of the three co-chairs of the commission demanding that the subpoena be withdrawn, which it was. This was just the first of multiple instances in which the governor’s office aggressively compromised the commission, objecting whenever it focused on groups with ties to him on issues which may prove to be problematic for the governor.

The Governor ultimately disbanded the commission just nine months into its 18 month life. At the time it was shut down, the Moreland Commission was investigating allegations that Cuomo interfered with one of its investigations, which is the reason many believe that the Governor dismantled it.

The invocation by Bharara of the Moreland Commission and the fact that he now knows how they felt leaves little to the imagination.


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