Top Trump Adviser is Reportedly a ‘Sworn Member’ of Nazi-linked Group

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Sebastian Gorka, top Trump adviser and counter-terrorism aide, has come under fire for his ties to a Nazi-linked group in Hungary.

As Forward.com reports, the group — Vitézi Rend – is a far-right organization that the U.S. State Department claims was “under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany” during World War II.

The group is now claiming that Gorka is one of its “sworn members” who took a “life-long oath of loyalty.”

According to the report, Gorka’s immigration status could be at risk because he did not disclose his affiliation with the group. Furthermore, members of the group are ‘presumed to be inadmissible’ to the country under the Immigration and Nationality Act, according to the State Department’s Foreign Affairs Manual.

The controversial Trump aide’s ties to the Nazi-affiliated group were revealed earlier this year after a photo emerged of Gorka donning one of the group’s medals.

As the Independent reports,

“Despite the controversial history of the medal, Mr Gorka said he wore it in memory of his family and the suffering they endured. He said his father has been tortured and imprisoned by Hungarian communists in the late 1940s after he founded ‘underground organisations of pro-democracy, anti-Communists to work about the Soviet dictatorship.'”

Although Gorka is of Hungarian descent, he was born in the United Kingdom. He did not respond to Forward’s request for comment and has denied any affiliation with anti-semitic or neo-nazi organizations in the past.

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