‘SNL’ Introduces Us to Donald Trump’s New DEA Chief

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'SNL' Introduces Us to Donald Trump's New DEA Chief - CitizenSlant

‘Saturday Night Live’ is taking on President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks by introducing its audience to his new Drug Enforcement Agency chief.

The show’s cold open this Saturday was with CNN’s Jake Tapper — played by Beck Bennett — questioning Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway about the president-elect’s appointments.

Tapper starts with Trump’s pick for the chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, Oklahoma  Attorney General Scott Pruitt who is commonly known as “fossil fuel advocate who doesn’t believe in climate change.” He then moves on to the choice for Labor Secretary, fast food CEO Andrew Puzder, who is not exactly regarded as a friend of labor. Tapper says that the pick has people “scratching their heads.”

“It’s almost like Mr. Trump appoints these people specifically to undermine the very agencies that they head,” Tapper adds, a sentiment which many actually have echoed.

Conway responds, “They are not bad, they are alt-good.”

Tapper then announces that Trump has named a “high school science teacher from new Mexico named Walter White” as the head of the DEA. “Walter is amazing,” Conway says, adding that he “came highly recommended” by senior Trump adviser Steve Bannon. “Oh yeah, Steve’s the best. We’ve had some times,” White (Bryan Cranston’s character in ‘Breaking Bad’) says. He adds that Bannon actually found White in the comments section on Breitbart News.

Cranston’s character, who was a teacher that famously turned to mass producing methamphetamines on the show, says that he’s a “big fan” of the President-elect. “I like his style. He acts first and asks questions later,” he says. “I also like that wall he wants to build. Nothing comes in from Me3xico, meaning a lot less competition for the rest of us,” making reference tot he fact that he was producing his drugs in the U.S.

Cranston then notes that Congress “might get hung up on the fact that I faked my own death,” saying that “I’m only the third person in the Trump Cabinet to do that.”

Walter White also says that Trump agrees on a variation of his campaign moto ‘Make America Great Again,’ saying that the pair agree that it’s time to “Make America Cook Again.”

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