‘SNL’ Talks to Electors with a ‘Hillary Actually’ Silent Night

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‘Saturday Night Live’ star Kate McKinnon, known for her portrayal of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton throughout the campaign, drew on her character once more in order to talk to the Electoral College electors.

Drawing inspiration from the holiday classic “Love Actually,” McKinnon’s Clinton tried to persuade an elector not to vote for President-elect Donald Trump, a clear signal to the real electors who are due to meet and vote on Monday.

In the skit titled “Hillary Actually,” Clinton appears in a parody of Andrew Lincoln’s famous scene where he professes his love to Keira Knightley’s character using notecards.

“Let me just say, because it’s Christmas, and at Christmas you tell the truth: I know you’re an elector and on December 19 you’re supposed to vote Donald Trump.” “But bish,” says one card, followed by another reading “he cray.”

She then goes through reasons that Trump should not become president, starting with his refusal to get security briefings and provoking the Chinese over Twitter. And then, she unravels a seemingly endless stream of notecards full of reasons.

“Listen, I know I lost the election and we may never know why ‘cough’ Russia ‘cough’,” she goes on. “If Donald Trump becomes president he will kill us all,” one of her cards reads.

McKinnon continues through the sketch, expertly mimicking Knightly’s every reaction and close up.

The skit comes as anti-Trump groups have been attempting to convince Republican electors not to vote for the President-elect on Monday. Not only would 37 Republican electors have to vote against Trump, but in order for Clinton to be the ultimate victor, in all likelihood, they would have to vote for Clinton — not John Kasich as some Republican electors have suggested they would be voting.

As is, it is extremely unlikely that anything of the sort is going to occur come Monday. However, even if it does, there is a long process to follow, few of which would land the presidency in Clinton’s lap.

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