‘Run, Jeffy, Run!’: SNL’s McKinnon as Jeff Sessions in Forrest Gump Opener is Absolutely Hilarious

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snl sessions - citizen slant

During last night’s edition of “Saturday Night Live,” Kate McKinnon opened the show playing Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions in a Forrest Gump inspired skit.

During the skit, Sessions shared the story with how a boy from Alabama could end up in so much trouble.

Once he was done explaining that he was “the Attorney General for the whole United States,” he said that he got into trouble and his lawyer said, “Run, Jeffy, run!” Later, a bus came and he admitted, “I talked to the Russians. Twice.”

Others, including Beck Bennett as Vladimir Putin who aptly stated “this meeting never happened,” came and went throughout the skit, all the while Sessions remained at the bench.

In response to Putin, Sessions stated, dumbfounded, “that’s okay, I wasn’t gonna remember it, anyway.”

After Putin left, Octavia Spencer made an appearance in the skit as her character, Minnie, from the Help. Minnie famously served her racist boss in the film a chocolate pie with poop in it. After Minnie gives Sessions a chocolate pie, he asks, “is this what I think it is?” Minnie softly smiles and says, “yes.”

Watch the clip here:

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