“Late Show” Host Stephen Colbert Hilariously Parodies Maddow’s Trump Tax Return Release

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In a hilariously epic segment, “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert parodied MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s much anticipated release of U.S. President Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return.

On Tuesday, Maddow had publicly teased that she had obtained Trump’s tax returns in a tweet.

The tax return had been anonymously mailed to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston.

During the show that night, Maddow spoke about the document for over half of the time on the show before actually revealing the details of it.

Colbert began, dressed as Maddow,

“I hold in my hands something significant. A joke that we have confirmed has been heard by Donald Trump. We believe this is the first time that any joke heard by Donald Trump has been released.”

Later, exaggerating Maddow’s own mannerisms, Colbert continued to joke about the MSNBC host before finally revealing the joke: “Why did the chicken—“

“But first a word on chickens,” Colbert said.

Watch the clip here:

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