Tapper Blasts White House Yet Again, This Time for Being the True Propagator of ‘Fake News’

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Following Attorney General Jeff Sessions announcement that he would recuse himself from investigations into ties between Trump and Russia, CNN host Jake Tapper accused the White House of being the true propagator of so-called “fake news.”

Tapper said, “President [Donald] Trump has declared several times that Russia is fake news. Anything having to do with Russia is fake news.” As Tapper explained, this is a truly old story for Washington. He continued by stating that it’s never the lie, but the cover-up that gets lawmakers in hot water.

The CNN host continued by addressing the Trump administration’s many ties to Russia, as they continue to pile up with new revelations fairly frequently. As Tapper outlined, Sessions now joins a long list of those from the Trump camp that have lied about communication with Russia — including Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, and Jared Kushner.

Circling back to the issue of “fake news,” Tapper explained,

“And he’s right in the sense that when it comes to Michael Flynn and now Attorney General Sessions, they have been saying things that were fake news, at least according to their critics. They have been saying things that were not true.”

Tapper continued to explain how former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn wasn’t honest with the Vice President “and now many members of the senate judiciary committee think that Senator Sessions — now Attorney General Sessions — was not honest with them. That’s fake news.”

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