President Trump says First Amendment Gives Him the Right to Criticize So-called ‘Fake News’

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During his speech at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland, U.S. President Donald Trump made a startling claim about his relationship with so-called ‘fake news.’

The President also claimed that it was wrongly reported that he called the media the “enemy of the people” last week. Instead, he said he’d actually called “fake news” the enemy. If the President’s explanation is correct, either way, it means that he has branded well-respected media outlets like CNN, NBC, and the New York Times as being “fake news.”

Later in his speech, Trump also argued that the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives him “the right to criticize fake news and criticize it strongly.”

“[The media] say that we can’t criticize their dishonest coverage because of the First Amendment. I love the First Amendment. Nobody loves it better than me.”

The President also seized the opportunity to criticize media outlets for their use for anonymous sources, despite the fact that he’s used them himself, like in the tweet below from 2012.

However, Trump’s comments seemed to be a veiled attempt at criticizing CNN, who recently wrote that the FBI had rejected a request from the White House to dispute reports that claimed there was a connection between Russian officials and the Trump campaign team prior to the November 2016 election.


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