Trump is Frustrated Staff Allowed Sessions-Russia Scandal to Steal His Thunder

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Sources have told CNN that President Donald Trump is frustrated with his communications team and senior staff for allowing the Sessions-Russia scandal to “steal his thunder in the wake of his address to Congress.”
According to CNN, one source stated that “nobody has seen him that upset.”

On Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any current or future investigations into the connections and communication between the Trump campaign and Russia. It has been reported that several members of the Trump campaign team met with Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak prior to the November election. Retired Gen. Michael Flynn even resigned over the matter after he failed to disclose the two meetings he held with the ambassador and then lied about them when confronted. While Sessions also failed to disclose his two meetings with the Russian ambassador and later lied about them, he has not resigned from his post.

The President reportedly told his team that “the staff fumbled” for not being prepared when the story about Sessions’ contacts with Russia broke.

Another source familiar with the situation told CNN that Trump was “hot” and exasperated after Sessions recused himself from current and future investigations into the Trump-Russia ties. Upon his return to the White House from a day trip in Virginia, there were “a lot of expletives.” The source also said that for more than a week the President had been lamenting that his senior staff “just keep getting in their own way.”

In contrast, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer responded to CNN’s reporting saying,

“The President had a fantastic week advancing his agenda to lift up all Americans and keep the nation safe. His joint session speech will go down in history as one of the best.”

Sources also say that the President voiced his frustrations to those closest to him in the Oval Office on Friday.  As CNN reports, “he feels attacked by the media, former Obama administration officials and others, and frustrated that things are not going more smoothly. The President expressed his anger at non-stop leaks undermining his administration.”

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