Donald Trump Loves to Brag about the Size of Crowds Who Show Up to His Rallies; He Needs to Focus on the Size of Crowds Who Don’t

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President Donald Trump loves to brag about the size of the crowds that come to watch him speak waiting in long lines for hours. What he fails to realize is that even bigger crowds gather when he does not show up.

That fact has been true since the very first day of his presidency. Trump took the oath of office with by far the lowest favorability ratings of any of his predecessors in the history of polling.

As much as he wants to deny it, he was inaugurated in front of a visibly smaller crowd than Barack Obama — even for his second inauguration — it was not even close.

The very next day a crowd which, by all accounts, dwarfed his inauguration crowd (by multiples) showed up to Washington D.C. to protest him. Similar crowds gathered at major cities around the country, with smaller ones gathering at some 400 other ones totaling some four million people who stood up united in opposition to his presidency.

As he has taken the helm in the Oval Office, he has steadily declined in popularity and in job approval ratings.

And after Trump had one of his signature rallies in Melbourne, Florida on Saturday in front of thousands, two days later on Presidents Day, tens of thousands more marched as part of the ‘Not My Presidents Day’ protests around the country.

And there is good reason for that. Trump has continued to attack his detractors and even those who are not so sure about him. He has insulted and attacked various minority and religious groups. But perhaps more importantly, he has so far proven to be as big a disaster as our president as the worst of the predictions.

Donald Trump needs to understand — and quickly, as he often says — that the election is over, and now, he does have to win the popular — not electoral — vote in order to govern the country. So far, he appears to be too focused on the sizes of the crowds at his rallies while ignoring the much larger crowds who are not at his rallies. That will be his undoing.

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hoodeedoo at

The real issue is the size of the crowds during his presidential campaign in relation to Lying Hillary’s crowds during her campaign.
The name of the editor of this so called news “CitizenSlant” is pretty darn accurate……SLANT! Get over it….y’all lost. I sure do not remember all the bitchinnnng and moaning when Barack won the prior two elections.


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