Donald Trump Jr. Thanks Rachel Maddow for Leaking his Father’s Returns

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Son of U.S. President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., suggested he was going to sleep well on Tuesday after MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow aired some of his father’s 2005 tax return.

Maddow had mentioned earlier in the day on Twitter that she had Trump’s tax returns and that they would discuss them on air Tuesday night.

Maddow’s much anticipated tax return release comes after the President chose to break with precedent during his presidential election campaign and refuse to release his tax returns. The documents obtained by Maddow show that Trump raked in $150 million that year and paid $38 million in taxes.

During the segment, Maddow discussed the tax return with the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist that obtained them: David Cay Johnston. Johnston, who has covered Trump for decades, claims that he received the documents completely unsolicited via mail. The award-winning journalist even went so far as to suggest that the President may have leaked them himself. However, he did not offer any evidence to substantiate his claim.

The White House responded to the leak, claiming that it was “totally illegal” — to which Maddow explained that the release is entirely protected by the First Amendment.

Trump Jr.’s reaction, however, seemed to be nothing short of delight and enthusiasm. He also tweeted that it was “simply awesome” to watch “the mainstream media aka #fakenews implode.”


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