Trump Calls Legal System ‘Broken,’ Misses Critical Point

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In an early morning tweet on Saturday, U.S. President Donald Trump took to Twitter to call the United States legal system “broken,” citing a statistic that, whether or true or not, says nothing about our legal system.

In his tweet, Mr. Trump stated that “77% of refugees allowed into U.S. since travel reprieve hail from seven suspected countries.” However, the President fails to see the point that so many have pointed out: no individual that has immigrated from the seven Muslim-majority countries outlined in his so-called Muslim ban are responsible for terrorist attacks that have claimed the lives of others.

As the Huffington Post reported in January,

“Between 1975 and 2015, foreign nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen killed exactly zero Americans on U.S. soil, according to an analysisof terror attacks by the Cato Institute.

Moreover, a report released this week shows that Muslim Americans with family backgrounds in those seven countries have killed no Americans over the last 15 years.”

Despite this unsurprising fact, President Trump has continued to claim that immigrants from the aforementioned seven countries are dangerous and pose a risk to national security. However, evidence is certainly overwhelmingly against him. Since a halt was placed on Trump’s travel ban by the 9th circuit court of appeals, Trump has made it a priority to attack every faction of our justice system for going against him, a disturbing display of his inability to wrap his head around the concept of checks and balances — a key tenet of American democracy.

Trump’s latest early morning tweet is yet another symptom of this dangerous attempt to undermine democratic principles in favor of pushing his own agenda.

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