Trump Mocks Hillary Clinton in Meeting with CEOs

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During a meeting with CEOs of a number of manufacturing companies on Thursday, President Donald Trump took time to take a jab at former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s remarks came as he joked that Lockheed Martin’s Marilyn Hewson probably was in Clinton’s camp to win the election.

“Lockheed Martin, they’ve just announced 1,800 new jobs and U.S. plants are doing a great job and we started negotiating with them a little bit on the F-35,” Trump said shortly after the meeting started, adding “They cut their price a little bit. Thank you very much.”

Turning to Hewson, he spoke about her, “She’s tough, but it worked out well, I think, for everybody. I think and i have to say this Marilyn, you’ve gotten a lot of credit cause what you did was the right thing. So, we appreciate it.”

Trump added, “She cut her price over $700 million, by over $700 million.” The President then followed that with his shot at Clinton, “Oh boy. I assume you wanted her to win, but you know what, you’re going to do great and make more planes. It’s going to work out the same or better.”

The President’s comments are the latest that he has made in a steady stream where he claims that he is negotiating with individual companies and obtaining their agreement for jobs and in the case of Boeing and Lockheed, concessions on pricing. So far, Trump’s claims are belied by the fact that the plans for which he is taking credit have been ones that have been many months, and in most cases, years in the making.

Additionally, Trump seems to misunderstand the difference between job creation by an individual company and job creation for an entire economy. Even if individual dealmaking by a U.S. president with companies is a viable way to proceed, it is important to keep in mind that the President would have to announce a new Intel or Carrier deal every single day, 365 days a year, with all of those jobs starting the day that they are announced for the president to even accomplish the allegedly ‘anemic’ job growth achieved under President Obama.


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