Trump to name ex-labor board member Acosta as labor secretary

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Alexander Acosta - CitizenSlant
R. Alexander Acosta exits U.S. District Court with other attorneys at U.S. District Court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida June 19, 2008. REUTERS/Joe Skipper

President Donald Trump on Thursday will nominate former National Labor Relations Board member R. Alexander Acosta to serve as U.S. Secretary of Labor, according to an administration official.

A former member of the National Labor Relations Board, Acosta currently serves as the dean of Florida International University School of Law.

He is, of course, a Republican who served on the NLRB from December 2002 until August 2003. He authored more than 125 opinions, according to his bio on the university website.

The Harvard Law graduate was appointed by then President George W. Bush in 2003, following his term at the NLRB, to serve as assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

He was the first Latino U.S. assistant attorney general and the longest serving U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

He is the first Trump Latino appointee for a Cabinet level position.

Trump’s original nominee for the post, Andrew Puzder, withdrew his nomination on Wednesday in the wake of release of a video tape wherein his former spouse accused him of domestic abuse in a 1990’s appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. There were also revelations that he had hired undocumented domestic workers.

Aside from the personal negatives, as chief executive officer of CKE Restaurants Inc, which primarily franchises fast-food chains including Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., he had been the target of hard pushback from progressives and unions who actively campaigned against Puzder amid concerns about his views on overtime and the minimum wage and claims by some CKE workers who say they are victims of wage theft or victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.

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