Trump Under Fire for his Recent Proposal to Fund his U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

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U.S. President Donald Trump has come under fire for his most recent proposal to pay for the U.S.-Mexico border wall that he promised while on the campaign trail.

Despite his claims that Mexico would pay for the wall, and later that the U.S. would initially fund the wall and Mexico would repay them, Trump has been looking to other avenues to garner the funds.

A proposal drafted by the Office of Management and Budget shows major cuts in the Coast Guard, Transportation and Security Administration, and Federal Emergency Management Agency in order to divert funds toward the building of the wall.

As the Miami New Times highlights, however, there may be another source: Miami homeowners. While Florida will surely be hit hard by the FEMA cuts, there is also a proposed surcharge on flood insurance — something that is necessary in such flood prone areas. The Washington Post reports that “homeowners in flood-prone areas of the country also would be levied a surcharge on their flood insurance.”

As the New Times explains, this would unfairly target Miami residents:

“Why? Because not only is flat, low-lying Florida the state with the largest number of flood-insurance policies, but also more insurance policies exist in Miami-Dade County alone than in three U.S. states.”

It remains unclear why Florida residents would be required to pay more taxes in order to fund the wall.

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