MUST SEE: Trump Spokesperson Admits She Doesn’t Know Where Trump’s Wiretapping Claim Came From

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Trump spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on NBC’s Today in an effort to support Trump’s claims that he had been wiretapped by former President Barack Obama, but her attempt seemed to backfire.

When the Deputy White House Press Secretary was prompted to provide sources to substantiate the President’s claims, however, she fumbled. Sanders stammered and then awkwardly tried to dodge the question until she was forced to admit that she had no idea where Trump garnered the information from

“Today” anchor Savannah Guthrie began the segment by asking Sanders about the origin of Trump’s wiretap claims — whether they came from an intelligence briefing or if they were based off of reports from right-wing outlets.

Sanders responded, failing to answer the question, by saying, “the president firmly believes the Obama administration may have tapped into the phones at Trump Tower.”

Guthrie shot back, not letting the question go, “And is that based on media reports?”

Sanders then stated,

“This is something we should look into, we’d like to know for sure. Look, the media has been extremely dismissive of this reporting and this potential story, while all the while being very happy to jump on all of the false attacks that have been launched at this president over the last six months.”

Guthrie again prompted Sanders to respond, effectively repeating the question, “just so we’re clear on this one, specific point — is his information, that President Obama tapped his phone, based solely on something he read in the media?”

Sanders then admitted that she actually didn’t know the answer.

“Look, I haven’t had the chance to have that conversation directly with the president. He’s got much higher classification than I [do], so he may have access to the documents that I don’t know about. But I do know that we take this very seriously, and we think it should be thoroughly reviewed and investigated.”

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