Trump Supporters Are Fine with a Private Email Server: Poll

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Supporters of President Donald Trump say that he should be allowed to have a private email server, according to a new poll by Public Policy Polling.

“Forty-two percent of Trump voters think he should be allowed to have a private email server to just 39 percent who think he shouldn’t be allowed to,” according to the poll.

The results of the survey are surprising in light of the fact that during the presidential campaign, Trump virtually daily, called out Hillary Clinton for her private email server, receiving approving applause and chants of “lock her up,” from his supporters.

Earlier on Thursday, it was revealed that Trump’s @POTUS Twitter account was linked to a Gmail email account that could have allowed any hacker with access to the Gmail account to reset the Twitter password and gain control of the account.

Additionally, according to another report, at least four senior officials in Trump’s White House currently have active accounts on a private Republican National Committee email system.

Counselor to the President Kellyann Conway, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor Stephen Bannon, and Senior Adviser Jared Kushner all have rnchq.org email accounts.

CNN also reported last week that Twitter accounts for the president, first lady, and vice president had not activated a basic security feature that requries users to type in their email address or phone number. As of Thursday, only the @VP — Vice President Mike Pence’s account — had turned on that feature.

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