Shocker: Trump Tweeted Wiretapping Claims After Aide Placed This Controversial Article in his Reading Pile

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According to the Associated Press, Trump’s accusations that former President Barack Obama wiretapped the phones at Trump Tower prior to the November 2016 election stem from the fact that an aide slipped a Breitbart article into the President’s reading pile.

The Breitbart article alleged exactly what Trump had claimed in his Twitter tirade: that Obama had ordered a wiretap of Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign. The report was based on claims that have yet to be substantiated by right-wing talk show host Mark Levin.

AP reports that, as part of Trump’s daily routine, he watches cable TV with a stack of several newspapers, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the Washington Post and the New York Post. Additionally, the President’s, usually junior, aides also print out articles from other sources.

While the aide remains unnamed, this much is known: the printout of the article was placed into the President’s daily reading pile and later Trump tweeted this string of tweets:

As is the case with many of his accusations, Trump did not provide any proof, but claims he does have it. However, he has also called on Congress to do an investigation into the matter — leading many to justifiably question whether or not the President has any evidence to substantiate his claims at all.

U.S. News laid out the troubling nature of Breitbart’s power and influence on the President in a recent article titled “The Power of Breitbart,” explaining,

“Understanding the central role of Breitbart here is crucial, because its power both reaches in to the Oval Office and out to the wider world of media. A recent study of Breitbart’s role in the 2016 race shows two important trends: First, as a self-described “populist-nationalist” outlet, Breitbart shifted the center of the right-wing media ecosystem away from traditional conservative outlets. And second, Breitbart and related outlets drove media coverage during the 2016 campaign, a powerful agenda-setting role that reached well beyond right-wing media.”

Trump’s most recent episode showcases these facts and raises an even more troubling question: why are we not more outraged?

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