How Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Could Cost the Department of Homeland Security Billions of Dollars it Doesn’t Have

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U.S. President Donald Trump has touted far and wide that he’s going to crackdown on illegal immigration and build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. However, his excuse for how he’s going to pay for that seems to be continuously influx.

At this point, the ultimate decision regarding the funding of Trump’s campaign promises falls on Congress.

In Trump’s first few weeks in office, he signed several executive orders that placed pressure on the Department of Homeland Security — like to figure out how to erect more fencing along the southern border of the country and to hire more Border Patrol and ICE agents.

President Trump reportedly wants authorities to do away with the so-called “catch and release” practice of those that cross the border and instead detain every single person until they are able to be deported. Furthermore, as MSNBC reports, DHS is considering increasing immigrant detention center bed space by roughly 500 percent.

Absent from this conversation, however, is where the funds will come from in order to implement the President’s orders. Any of the aforementioned policies would effectively send the DHS’ budget through the roof, as well as increase the department’s costs for decades to come.

While many experts know that these policies are not even an effective way to tackle the immigration that the President seeks to halt, nevertheless the Trump administration continues to stand by the President’s proposed immigration crackdown.

As John Sandweg, former acting director of ICE, told The Huffington Post:

“It’s billions and billions and billions of dollars. It’s 100 percent not feasible under the current funding levels.”

The figures associated with Trump’s proposals are truly staggering — over $20 billion for his border wall alone, according to a DHS estimate. This is a figure larger than the combined annual budgets of Customs and Border Protection and ICE. Even more costly than his “big, beautiful wall” is Trump’s proposed increase in hiring, which would add roughly $1 billion to the DHS annual budget, according to HuffPo.

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