Twitter Reacts to Video of Melania Trump Flinching at President’s Touch: ‘Leave him!’

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First Lady Melania Trump gave the invocation before U.S. President Donald Trump’s rally in Melbourne, Florida by reciting the Lord’s Prayer on Saturday.

Many noted that when you watch the video of the moments leading up to the prayer, it seems as if Melania flinches and looks away as the President came to her and touched her arm as she began the Lord’s Prayer.

This is not the first time the internet has been skeptical of Melania’s reaction to President Trump.

There have been several rumors since the presidential campaign that the now-First Lady is unhappy in her marriage to Trump. In recent time, many close to Melania have said that she is “miserable” as First Lady. This isn’t rocket science, however, as it’s abundantly clear given the fact that Melania has declined to join her husband during the week at the White House and hasn’t been clear as to whether or not she ever will.

Many have used these facts to paint a picture of Melania that shows her as a prisoner of sorts in her own marriage. According to Jezebel, this “only works if, in fact, you believe that Melania is a blank slate or, at least, a woman simply acted on rather than a woman actively collaborating with her husband’s ideologies.”

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter:


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