Van Jones Exposes Trump’s Budget for What it Really is, ‘Drops a Bomb on his Own Supporters’

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On Thursday night, CNN’s Van Jones called U.S. President Donald Trump’s budget for what it really is: a financial bomb on his supporters.

The CNN commentator’s message to Trump voters was clear: your man doesn’t have your back.

Jones had been discussing the president’s proposed budget that was unveiled earlier in the day. The budget targets many key programs and the cuts will be felt deeply by many Americans, including the elderly and poor because Trump plans to eliminate affordable housing programs, as well as the funding for Meals on Wheels.

Additionally, the proposed budget revealed the fact that taxpayers are actually going to be the ones to fund Trump’s much-anticipated wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, despite the fact that Trump promised that Mexico would pay throughout his presidential campaign.

Jones stated, “Today was a crazy day, even by Trump’s crazy standards. We got our first look at the Trump budget, which basically drops a bomb financially and economically on Trump’s own supporters.”

The CNN contributor then added,

“The messy truth for Donald Trump’s voters is that Donald Trump has already been captured and coopted by the very same D.C. insiders that he ran against.”

Watch the full clip here:

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