White House Cites Satirical Column as Support for Budget Proposal

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The White House on Friday included a satirical column in its list of news articles in an effort to promote the President’s budget proposal, apparently oblivious to the fact that the story was satirical and in fact, fiercely opposed to Trump’s budget.

The Friday edition of the “1600 Daily” — the White House’s newsletter named after its address on Pennsylvania Avenue — noted a Washington Post article by Alexandra Petri, who even in her bio identifies as “offering a lighter take on the news.”

The column savages Trump’s budget proposal, which calls for deep ‘slash and burn’ cuts to virtually all sectors of government with the exception of the military and Homeland Security.

And that it is satire is obvious from the very outset, unless the reader is so full of bravado that he does not realize that the column is mocking the budget.

“Some people are complaining that the budget proffered by the Trump administration, despite its wonderful, macho-sounding name, is too vague and makes all sorts of cuts to needed programs in favor of increasing military spending by leaps and bounds,” Petri wrote on Thursday. “These people are wimps.”

“America has been soft and weak for too long,” Petri added. “BUT HOW WILL I SURVIVE ON THIS BUDGET? you may be wondering. I AM A HUMAN CHILD, NOT A COSTLY FIGHTER JET. You may not survive, but that is because you are SOFT and WEAK, something this budget is designed to eliminate.”

She then hammers the plethora of funding cuts that are outlined in the proposal. ”

Affordable housing is a luxury and we are going to get rid of it,” the reporter said. “Donald Trump does not live in affordable housing and neither should you.”

“AMERICA WILL BE STRONGER THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN! Anyone who survives will be a gun covered in the fur of a rare mammal, capable of fighting disease with a single muscular flex.

Trump’s budget chief Mick Mulvaney, among the most fiscally conservative members of government, took a knife to the federal budget slashing spending across the board, while increasing the budget for the military and Homeland Security — two areas in which Trump promised an increase. However, many of the cuts are going to hit Trump’s own supporters the hardest.

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