Citing Comey Testimony, White House Tweet Suggests Obama May Be Behind Flynn Leaks

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The White House took to Twitter on Monday amid the House Intelligence Committee hearings regarding President Trump’s bombshell wiretapping charges against President Obama, and any Russian connection to the U.S. presidential election or the Trump campaign.

In one tweet, the administration seemed to be opening a new line of accusation and potentially investigation, as it brought the Michael Flynn leaks back into the limelight.

Referencing the ongoing House Intelligence hearing at the Capitol, the White House said that remarks suggested that former President Obama and his staff may have had knowledge that the FBI was listening in on former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s phone conversations with Russian officials, at least one of whom involved the Russian ambassador to the U.S.

“FBI Director Comey refuses to deny he briefed President Obama on calls made by Michael Flynn to Russia,” the White House tweeted through the office @POTUS account.

The tweet includes a video from the hearing on Monday showing South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy asking the FBI Director whether he briefed President Obama on the Flynn calls.

The record of the calls, which surfaced prior to Trump’s inauguration, contradicted Flynn’s statements to various Trump officials, including then Vice President-elect Mike Pence that he had not had any communications with Russia.

Flynn’s misleading of Pence was ultimately cited as the reason that President Trump asked for the National Security Adviser’s resignation just 24 days after he started at the post.

Though the White House did not make clear the exact meaning of the tweet, it does appear to be accusing the former President of the United States of yet another wrongdoing, specifically, the leaking of information regarding the phone calls to the press, whether directly or indirectly, through staff.

The move is unusual in that it is not common for the administration to tweet its more inflammatory things from the official @POTUS account — those usually come directly from Trump from his personal Twitter account.

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